Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"High Family" how to "preserve and increase the value?"

Miss Lee two years ago by a company hired to senior secretary, which so greatly admired friends and family, proud of herself for quite a long time. However, the economic efficiency of enterprises and not much to upgrade the last two years, general manager is also considering cutting unnecessary spending. Miss Lee's salary along with a lot of down time being psychologically difficult to accept. In addition to the Secretary, what she has no other strong points, and gradually rise to a career, "came the first of the" feeling.

Analysis of career counselors, Miss Lee to become higher-income group have a certain chance, is caused by a specific market demand, and this demand is unstable. Her expertise is not high, they have no other expertise, if market demand changes, it will lead to lack of capacity to respond and not worth preserving.

Miss Li such as "seasonal" is not a small number of family-paid, expert analysis, in 2005, several types of well-paid people have begun his career crisis: low-tech high-paying jobs such as administrative manager, senior secretary, whose salary level is A few years ago the "bubble economy" of the product of previous years, the total personnel workplace caused by reason of too few; repetitive work higher as some banks engaged in foreign exchange, documents of staff; only master a single skill high income earners, such as computer programmers, etc.; with the enhanced level of computerization, the work greatly reduces the complexity, risk and difficulty, some of the financial manager, production manager, warehouse manager, quality assurance manager positions had very complex a working procedure gradually replaced by a computer; even in high-tech high-tech in the field of higher-income group, there is no advanced core technology may also be eliminated. Get a monthly salary of 20 000 professional managers from the company if, in the workplace can find the same salary job?

Turn of the year, paid family in crisis how to inventory their own future career plan? Experts suggest that professional people should be concerned about the job market at any time and market development trends, not only to see today's needs, but also the development of situation assessment based on its status until tomorrow, and for persons who wish to accumulate new career competitiveness, change from passive for the initiative, once the environment changes, to respond freely to find a new growth point.

Experts point out that the "higher-income group", should be to master the key technology expertise, experience-rich generalist, not only acquire the relevant technologies and familiar rules of market economy and international talent compound. To become a workplace of "evergreen", need to fit the following three points: the skills, expertise, experience and job requirements of the fit; professional qualifications and the level of fit with job requirements; overall quality of fit with job requirements.

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