Monday, October 25, 2010

Ten strokes of money management technique

We can not learn Balzac that miser Europe also Nige Lang Taiwan. Money is only part of life, how to make money and live more harmonious relationship? Quickly look at the following ten ways.

First, the province is provincial
The highest possible proportion of annuity payment, and better protect the retirement; pay the increase, not decrease their quality of life, while progressively increasing the amount of monthly savings; for automatic transfer business, bank or fund company automatically every month a percentage of salary assigned to savings or investment account.

Second, optimize the investment
First thought to the following questions: Do you expect long-term gains or short-term gains? How much risk can you bear? Whether other investment options?
The long term, stocks will undoubtedly bring greater benefits in the short term is to bear a greater risk. If you have recently need money, then reduce the stock investment.
Suggested that the total investment stock investment accounts for the percentage of individuals are: 100 minus age, with a conservative, moderate people who use 110 minus age minus the age of 120 aggressive person.
The funds allocated to different sized companies to diversify investment risk.

Third, debt relief
Behavioral economist Meir Statman said: "To remove the debt burden, is like trying to quit smoking." Only the idea enough, you have to completely change the potential negative spending habits. To develop a smart consumer card program, received the next bill, you'll have much more openly.
Cash payment does not work (for example, online payment), please use the debit card as a substitute. Credit card possession as far as possible at home (such as frozen in the ice).

Fourth, self-
Whether you want a raise, promotion, new job, or competent at their jobs, keep in mind that a universal truth --- not only accomplish the mission, but also compelling.
Overtime work, you get only the overtime, but not beyond anyone. Stand out the most effective strategy is to challenge the most difficult project to ensure that its your boss, company and industry makes sense to ensure you have the ability to fix it.
Develop detailed project plans to solicit comments and suggestions boss, team cohesion forces, and to share experience.

5, reasonable consumption
With the required list of items are listed with their families, and put on the most prominent position. Spending plan you see and feel better able to stimulate the motivation to make money. The price marked on the list, always remind myself that the target savings "gaps", a clear direction for.
To sell used goods, housing space, while clean-up target item "funding." Daily cost of reckoning. Encourage your child to the coins into piggy banks.

6, rainy day
Choose the right time, private lawyers agreed to answer the main question on the Wills: Who is the heir? Who is the custodian of the child? Who was appointed to act as executor?
Guardians of children shall meet the following conditions: good health, have some means, and similar to your values, and your children get along and are willing to become guardian.
Clearly in the will, the guardian should be how to raise children, how to allocate heritage, and the reasons for your decision.

7, integration time
CNN Money Channel latest poll shows that Americans in 2006's primary objective is "to devote more time to spend upon themselves and their families." The reason is not enough time, no more than two reasons --- you really busy, or you do not make good use of leisure time.
The most annoying and time-consuming to do those boring things? May wish to find someone to help. Such as part-time to pack for home, so nanny kids.
Simplify personal finance for processing. Pay by online banking, paying bills.
Substantial planning the perfect holidays, accelerated the pace of work. Do not forget holiday pay in advance for transportation and accommodations during the period.

8, stay healthy
Use skim or low-fat dairy products instead of full-fat dairy products; try not drink mixed drinks; increase in walking distance; less cigarette per day. Full use of personnel department of the medical examination of projects and fitness programs; if companies offer discounts sports cards, do not miss.
After a successful weight-loss or quit smoking, re-apply for life insurance, because healthy people is relatively lower premiums.

9, reasonable tax avoidance
A 2002 U.S. government study showed that nearly 2.2 million average American taxpayers to pay 438 dollars more revenue.
May wish to prepare a shoebox or a folder, all the effective instruments collect, prepare for the reasonable tax avoidance.

10, long-term planning
Your best investment plan has been developed, but with market ups and downs, the ideal configuration inevitably out of date. Therefore, periodically adjusting the proportion of investment projects, so "times."
Select a date, as revised investment plan year "adjustment date." Recalling the various investment projects in the last year of the "expression" and changes the way you can use the chart to indicate the funds. Income has been made to sell the stock. 10% lower than the expected return the item to be adjusted.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Duba over one million downloads in Japan very attractive price

Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun drug tyrants personally led into the Japanese market, initial victory. Duba Japanese in Japan, downloads 5 months breaking 1 million copies earlier than expected time of 7 months to complete this goal. Jinshan Gold for outstanding performance in overseas confidence in China to add other software companies.

Duba Japanese announced last September into the Japanese market, and launched the first 100 million a year for free download to use market strategies. This goal ahead of schedule, to a certain extent, explain the implementation of Gold Mountain in the Japanese market "software free of charge, the service paid" market model is successful. In addition, the Japanese PC manufacturers Aro System's two computer models have tied a full Japanese version of Kingsoft Internet Security 2006.

Jinshan marketing person on the phone to reporters yesterday, analysis, and from the Japanese media to reflect the information the user point of view, Duba success in Japan, the main reason is the extremely attractive price, fast virus database updates, system resources Japanese Chin-occupied low-and e-mail response within 4 hours of service system.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Professor Song Junde: issuing 3G licenses soon as

At half past ten on May 26, for operator adjustment of restructuring and the latest appointment of executives, Sina science and technology professor at the University of Posts and Telecommunications Beijing Song Junde invited guest chat.

Guest Introduction:

Professor Song Junde, PhD supervisor. Electronic Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications is currently the Academic Council Director, Chairman of China Communications Standards Association, CMIS, honorary Doctor of the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering, the State Council Academic Degree Committee disciplinary assessment team members, the State Ministry of Personnel postdoctoral accreditation experts, the international information Federation of IFIP TC7 Chinese President, Information Ministry of Communications Science and Technology Industry Committee members and the satellite and radio consultants, China Communications Standards Association Expert Advisory Committee of experts, China Computer Federation and the data communication network, deputy director of the Committee. Ministry of Information Industry and ministerial key laboratories PCN & CAD Center and CTI Research Centre, Beijing served as the Chairman of the Committee of Posts and Telecommunications large school degree, graduate school dean and other staff.

He visited the United States and more than 30 countries, cooperation in scientific research and teaching. He has won first prize in a national scientific and technological progress. State Education Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology Progress Award the electronic one. And take a number of 863, the National Natural Science Foundation, science and technology research and international cooperation and other major projects. In the mobile communications and the Internet, the future of communications, CTI / CRM, VLSI CAD field of nearly 200 published papers (in English and Chinese well-known Science, Technology). Books and Teaching Materials 13. His current research focus is the next generation of wireless mobile Internet theory and technology (3G, B3G, 4G, WIFI, WiMAX) and other aspects of research. His research interests also include next-generation telecommunications network and its supporting systems and related services, heterogeneous networks.

Record the following for the interview:

Host: User Hello, everybody! May 23 reorganization and executive operator adjustment programs was released on May 24 officially announced the three ministries to encourage operators of adequate documentation. Today, operators have also issued five bulletins, formal confirmation about restructuring, a major topic for the important guests we invited to interview, this is the Ministry of Information Communication Technology Committee member, Chairman of China Communications Standards Association CMIS, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Mr. Song Junde, we call upon Professor Song with good friends asked.

SONG Jun-de: User Good morning!

Moderator: Professor Song is one of China's leading telecom experts, we had often invited Professor Song guest chat, and many users are familiar with Professor Song. Today, we chat's topic is a larger topic, and very interesting topic, we first would like to ask you how this telecom restructuring plan to see? Because about six variable 3, variable 3, said five also lines you an overall evaluation?

SONG Jun-de: I think the overall assessment of China's information industry and communication industry is a good thing, called long drought rains, we are expecting in 2023 because the Chinese do not impede restructuring of the telecommunications and information industries, so This time re-affirmed after the ICT industry in our country have a positive impact. Specifically, of course, very lively discussion of these two days, the experts are to express their views, here are my views. I think that this reorganization is at least three new China Unicom, SingTel, the three new mobile is beneficial for them, but the best should be the China Unicom, times should be beneficial to China Telecom, there is little benefit is move, but some people say that China Mobile to suffer through the restructuring of its accounting for less cheap.

Unicom had plagued its development is, in fact, very good business strategy Unicom, profit is also very good, very good company, left CDMA, right GSM, not the operation of two of its own network. The reorganization is the first solution to this problem, the CDMA sold to China Telecom, to sell no matter how much money he had received a large cash flow. He won the second GSM network, and those with three licenses, then we naturally think of a WCDMA, without excessive government intervention, in accordance with the WCDMA technology is natural, and in the operation of the global WCDMA is the best, its market coverage The company is the world's No. 1 operator, the customer is first. From this perspective, it is from GSM to WCDMA, until now FBD the road is smooth, from a technical point of view a development perspective, from a financial point of view, to solve it from the point of distress, and a combination of it and Netcom. Netcom brings a fixed network, while China Netcom has already done a lot of solid broadband Internet applications, mobile and fixed network convergence is his wish for. China Unicom told myself I had the whole business, in fact, Tianjin and Chongqing have fixed the other not, but now mobile and fixed network operators. China Unicom has also been done FMC is the fixed, mobile big issue, you can now realize, after implementation can bring many benefits to the people.

China Telecom, the second I say. China Telecom expects mobile license for many years, executives said that as long as they give me to move the license no matter what I pleased. They are CDMA, CDMA has also developed well, it has the advantage of the transition to CDMA to CDMA2000, then develop it further negotiation if it is well down the technical compatibility, it rose to 3G from 2G costs are smaller, did not change significantly. The CDMA2000 its biggest feature on the notebook inside, and now we all like to use the Unicom CDMA card known as more than 150 K, but not more than 150 CDMA2000 to the K to the megabyte, so it is more than what customers around the world, it simply asked notebook involved in a relationship of wireless cards. China Telecom, of course not satisfied with this, it is certainly taking over the entire wireless phones, CDMA phones are also allowed, which China Telecom also has a good, fixed and mobile network integration. China Telecom's capital is also strong in the past, technical force is also strong, but delayed a bit the past two years, and China Mobile distance widened a bit, he got he would take off after this network, and speed.

Why do I say that China Mobile is also still a small profit, is to give it a Railcom, China Mobile eager fixed no matter what this camera, China Mobile also want to engage in the core network, backbone network, but many places to rent someone else's, Rent Netcom, China Telecom, and even CRC, he has not completely fixed build, Railcom to the main railway line in accordance with, and I say is, look to the future benefits will be more of three somewhat different.

Moderator: the starting point and the strength of the three operators is a bit different, and now some people worry that the formation of two-three competition or a weak situation, how do you see?

SONG Jun-de: You say China Telecom and China Mobile?

Moderator: Mobile significant strength to higher even after the merger of China Unicom and Netcom, the strength or stronger?

SONG Jun-de: I think so, China Mobile, according to the present situation it is to get TD-SCDMA, which give the state to make some contribution, it is now spent some 140 million, some say 200 billion. China Mobile wants me to give it ideas, I think it should go to international competition, the Chinese market that it already has a significant, and it should show it to those funds, I think it had to protect the SAC does not dismantle one of these it purpose, I guess it should become the world's largest communications company, it should go abroad to carry out some co-operators, it should do these things. Another positive for the country to do it TDSCDMA contribution, which has a need to support the process, which is technically required to support the application need to support investment to some money, this is a process. In the future allocation of 3G, I still have the point of view, the most favorable of the new China Unicom, the second telecommunications, the third is China Mobile. But bargain-hunting in China Mobile, it and the foreign people say I do TDD-LTE, so the 3.5G, 3.9G copied the place to live, and then there is 5 years and 9 years.

According to the documents that we are finished re-started after issuance of a license, the newspaper did not say how much time re-finished, some people say 3 months, I guess not so fast, but their combination of the following early on, China Telecom and CDMA exchange of technical cooperation carried out early, so do not count this time inside, this I think mainly the leadership position, so that they quickly got their new position, you have its own, new broom sweeps clean, always a little new tactics.

Moderator: the corporate culture, the new China Unicom is the "eight-" telecommunications, mobile are relatively pure, it is not stronger in this together?

SONG Jun-de: Because the birth of China Unicom's earlier history, the beginning of each province, China Unicom is the branch up, but then after Yang Xianzu his past played an important role, the entire culture of China Unicom, leading telecommunications system in accordance with the command to listen on the lower level, unification listening password, making great progress in China Unicom. And this year is definitely operating profit Unicom is not high, but it increased the rate, in this context it is operating so well, and leadership are related.

In addition Netcom, Netcom gotta find a place and fixed combination, and China Unicom now has more weight Telecom taste, you can see China Unicom's team, the original old telecommunications proportion in which a high, so it Netcom integration should be no, I do not think very pessimistic. China Telecom is also a problem, rather heavy burden that people have been assigned to these problems is the third industry, Unicom out of traveling light, mobile traveling light, it was not lightly armed to stay in them here, they are very hard the past few years.

Unicom is bound to fixed and mobile convergence, but the leadership of the system may be clear in a short time or a chain of command, I think so, but now there is no way. You are talking about what a great two small, no way, now the time has gone wrong, when two years ago, China Telecom and China Mobile is still relatively close, you can click here to support, and now China Mobile went up in recent years , and how do you go, If we do not set this distance is widened, then there must be a loss of the past few years China Telecom, the information is very painful, watching the old can not do good things, 3G license in our country Which country should start earlier than that, WCDMA are fitted well, then we cut it, now push TD and anxious, to get before the Olympics, many technical problems to resolve in this time, information and communication on such a situation, it is now conditioning conditioning, this competition down the situation better than before.

Moderator: At least we have a objective.

SONG Jun-de: a goal, they see a future in the past see the future, I cut down the fixed account, telephone charges down by, and you do not give me the policy, this case you can give him the full service operation, you have a bayonet I a bayonet, you have a rifle I have a rifle, so we can play again.

Moderator: This must be the total amount to be increased in the telecommunications industry, the three operators have a chance, otherwise, not a rush of China Telecom China Unicom's job?

SONG Jun-de: 3G license is issued so the sooner the better things, so we can expand the business. Real big profit is the enterprise network, broadband, multimedia stuff, entertainment, videos of these things. Such as the earthquake, the phone is very happy, if through the video to see a good home, he is not a relief. In addition, many people after the earthquake mental illness, this time we give him what cell phone with multimedia, broadcasting some good movies to help him recuperate, this is going to do later in telecommunications, and this value is useful in improving the No 3G is not enough. We kill each other light in the telephone, the assassination of the last years, we suffered a crushing defeat. Why laptop can go from year to year decline in production from year to year also, because it has new things, information and communication is not should be. As I offer you free food, free your bread, I Caichao becoming more and more distinctive, more good, so to increase my income, no matter 3G licenses which do not.

Moderator: Some have expressed concern that the annexation of the three operators will not be truly integrated into the new environment to go, because previous work includes, corporate culture, and personnel changes will affect many. This operator and China Mobile advanced operators which such high hopes and the future if not met very disappointed, how to do that? And China Railcom heavy burden, asset coverage, nothing really to accept, to be sure staff be laid off?

SONG Jun-de: This from a global perspective, one is certain to play a number of bottles and jars, together for a long time to divide, long period of division, annexation, purchase is very painful, coming after the culture is different. Overall, the new mobile with CRC, CRC certainly technically, the network management, network operation experience definitely worse than the old Mobile, China Railcom has its characteristics, it is something around the railway lines do very solid, in-depth China Mobile to fixed-line fixed inside to talk to the integration of telecommunications with the new, then a test with China Unicom, Railcom's fixed-line is also very valuable. So I decided to tell you the key leadership skills, leadership wisdom, you are 1 plus 1 equals 3, or 1 plus 1 equals 2, equal to 1.5, so I would like to acknowledge unsuccessful. Chinese culture is such, buddy separation will fight, but my good friends together, not so easy. But take the current business philosophy, we are facing our economy, they are all state-owned enterprises, they should be responsible citizens, we have state-owned assets to them, and they give us good business, he must have a sense of responsibility.

Moderator: Do you predict will not be laid off?

SONG Jun-de: the words were talking a lot of people unhappy, adjustment is positive, but after adjustment in accordance with the characteristics of socialist countries will give you arrange, you see how good we have earthquakes, this employee did contribute, he is not guilty What is wrong, he is because you changed the business model and see what he is more suitable, or to his other positions, there will be no great harm.

Moderator: No clear cuts, you adjust the position you are unwilling to stay inappropriate.

SONG Jun-de: We certainly do not know the State Department's policy, you see that this time the concept of the State Council ministries and large not the same as in the past, big ministries are combined but not the talent to reduce personnel, because these people are very valuable, our country is lack of talent or .

Moderator: three new operators, staff very much, I think each of them 400 000.

SONG Jun-de: Up or China Telecom, China Mobile Do not look so big it has been in control, China Unicom is controlled, they have been traveling light, Netcom, a little more. However, some of them are stripped away, what the tertiary industry, because the listing to peel.

Moderator: No wonder Netcom less mobile workers better than income, but also because fewer personnel.

SONG Jun-de: it is more attention to this, and it does not burden the older retirees, this, and China Telecom, Netcom not the same, which most people had to stay in telecommunications.

Moderator: how you look at the satellite, although the small operators.

SONG Jun-de: the satellite is imagine is not thought of the satellite Ruixiao Wu, general manager came and took over two satellites, many people think that we must strengthen the national satellite. The earthquake on the look out, we are on the ground, floods to hit the ground, frozen ground attack too, but it can not attack above the satellite, the satellite communication is very important. In addition to this the satellite itself is not necessarily the original, it had a soft exchange, there is a cluster, there is a bit IP phones, as operators in terms of its integrity not only will it peel, peeling is a promising future, not get the old one in that place. Of course, now the satellite to the space, I do not know how it is like the way they operate, and the telecommunications sector is not the same? Slowly lower prices so people can afford to use, you see a place we had a few earthquakes very poor phone, it should be somewhat popular, the satellite first breaking in should be but our country is too expensive, can not develop.

Moderator: Other clusters such as digital, certainly, and to China Telecom.

SONG Jun-de: the satellite was no other business, he wanted to do anything else at that time, later said to die, it can only do so fleet. He was no other significant, so soft switching, do IP telephony, he rent someone else's telephone network is the result of a surrendered up losing money, IP phone a lot of money, so there is a re-arrangement of China Satcom the.

Moderator: The next discussion of a topic, you think China Mobile is not necessarily taking TD-SCDMA license?

SONG Jun-de: It can not say that it funds is also strong, it can also support China's brand, this thing will take a little money, it should do, how it does not do this three licenses issued it?

Moderator: It was a 3 license?

SONG Jun-de: newspaper said. Optical carriers are discussing is not the purpose of the current restructuring, reorganization greatest goal was to stimulate an industry, we go back 45 years ago, we imagine, when we discuss the 3G, China, Why the 3G, 3G in China has little incentive? Television that bring 10 trillion value of 3G, I do not understand the economy out of these operators do not know how, but you can see the information industry, telecommunications sure to have a raise. China linkage GSM, CDMA sell him to get the money, he sold the money necessary to invest in network upgrade should do 3G, WCDMA done very beautiful, a lot of web shop is not licensed. There CITIC, Huawei and manufacturers are also concerned to bring up the manufacturer.

Only 40 million users of China Telecom, Unicom, move the little one billion can not come to China Telecom CDMA how to do if, GSM how to do he thought, Netcom would like to focus on GSM, now he was smug, he would design how to do it. Leaders have lofty aspirations, I can not to be victorious, this story has not always won big small companies.

The manufacturer also benefits by restructuring, such as CITIC, Huawei, ICT tester such a large positive benefit. Also you do get up 3G mobile phones, handset manufacturers, mobile phone production, our country now face this difficulty, where to do so, a file can get high profits higher. 3G and 2G are the biggest difference is, 2G general purpose is to call, you see pictures, watch video expensive. 3G is for you Man, your phone will see the opposite, many young people are like, this value-added benefits of manufacturing in the end is there. There are a variety of services such as e-commerce has, it is not software developers to take advantage of it? Content providers have taken advantage of the State Council in 2008 also issued Document No. 1, some things to allow you to use his image signal, and these people can drive. I think in the present circumstances, but also to information and communication industry the opportunity to develop all these years they are mainly in the pressure of its airtime, press its roaming charges, get a lot of money, he do not take communication to, and now you re-give you a license to see your new broom sweeps clean, all three of the nine fire, this fire is not burning his own, I feel that this restructuring is not only to the information industry, including the Internet is good SP because we all have access. Of course, the user should first get to enjoy a high contribution to the second user is higher. I am now much less communication costs, and income over the past month, I said I was spending most communications, how it go down now, with prices the way that it can not. I provide you with multimedia services, you use the car I gave you the GPS service, I give you a meal you provide restaurant services, you spend it the fifth straight back to the original tariff and you still satisfied, why? I enjoy the service more. I buy a notebook like the past, I 10 000 buy a notebook, but after two years, I have 10 000 buy a notebook, but feature more. Restructuring and 3G license issued several departments I think the State should take heart feel the information and communications industries.

The industry I wrote an article, the information industry were a little tired, in fact, behind these words there is a tired and some departments are still lower income. Your information industry is the number of messages you dry day, 8 hours to complete you can do, you never can not 8 hours. Saturday Sunday is that you own it? Has never been, we did, why the information industry is not good to rise, why not increase returns, this wrong. Let us think about what changes in the fastest around, something you get better service, more high-quality, cheaper prices, there is only one industry, information industry. Others are not in the CPI is rising up, living in the rose.

Moderator: This is a landmark on the information industry.

SONG Jun-de: We have to look at several major carriers are able to seize this opportunity, China's information industry will step forward one step. We Bie several years, five or six years ago, we discussed the 3G discussed, the discussion made so many years before the gun.

Moderator: Finally, we discuss an old topic, the 3G is a lot of money to foreign equipment opportunities, how do you see this? This time we gave them a license is not a great opportunity to make money?

SONG Jun-de: From my point of view, several major standard, TD certainly our manufacturers in China of occupying a relatively high standard of CITIC, a unique once took 50%, TD is open to a joint venture, a wholly-owned, and I see most of the manufacturers in China, other countries took some knowledge of the royalties go back, but we look at CITIC, Huawei, we played badly hit countries, Ericsson, Huawei, they are afraid, afraid of CITIC. Ago in a foreign country, but now, back to China to fight a dozen. We Huawei, the Centre in India, in South Africa has built a lot of research, whether we do not agree with some people saying the economic integration, but by network, by the world economy through WTO really connected. WTO when we signed some say, that signed would be finished, hit the foreign markets in China, we look into the colony. What are the benefits now WTO something we fight in the past, certainly brought in some foreign countries, the three ministries issued three licenses is confidence that it is now open just after the completion of the restructuring of three licenses to hair, said this ambitious, There are estimates that calculation, in the end this thing is not to our benefit the development of China's national economy. I say some leaders of the Chinese information industry's confidence in the future.

Moderator: Professor Song is very grateful guest Sina chat, because of the time to talk with us here today is over.

SONG Jun-de: you friends Hello, everybody, anyway, I say, these represent my own point of view, but every time I say I want another year, another two years, another three or five years to see if I said not been proved correct, but I have this confidence.

Moderator: I have a dialogue with you many times. Think you really have a view point, but who are not meet demand.

SONG Jun-de: Everyone has limitations, according to my knowledge to you one to judge, in a few years we see online, it is wrong we criticize. I look forward to China's information and communications industry to reach the era of great development, I think people who work in this area hope everyone was heading for the day, the Government has given a good start.

Moderator: Thank you Professor Song Sina guest chat, also thanked the concern of the majority of users, goodbye.

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Miss Lee two years ago by a company hired to senior secretary, which so greatly admired friends and family, proud of herself for quite a long time. However, the economic efficiency of enterprises and not much to upgrade the last two years, general manager is also considering cutting unnecessary spending. Miss Lee's salary along with a lot of down time being psychologically difficult to accept. In addition to the Secretary, what she has no other strong points, and gradually rise to a career, "came the first of the" feeling.

Analysis of career counselors, Miss Lee to become higher-income group have a certain chance, is caused by a specific market demand, and this demand is unstable. Her expertise is not high, they have no other expertise, if market demand changes, it will lead to lack of capacity to respond and not worth preserving.

Miss Li such as "seasonal" is not a small number of family-paid, expert analysis, in 2005, several types of well-paid people have begun his career crisis: low-tech high-paying jobs such as administrative manager, senior secretary, whose salary level is A few years ago the "bubble economy" of the product of previous years, the total personnel workplace caused by reason of too few; repetitive work higher as some banks engaged in foreign exchange, documents of staff; only master a single skill high income earners, such as computer programmers, etc.; with the enhanced level of computerization, the work greatly reduces the complexity, risk and difficulty, some of the financial manager, production manager, warehouse manager, quality assurance manager positions had very complex a working procedure gradually replaced by a computer; even in high-tech high-tech in the field of higher-income group, there is no advanced core technology may also be eliminated. Get a monthly salary of 20 000 professional managers from the company if, in the workplace can find the same salary job?

Turn of the year, paid family in crisis how to inventory their own future career plan? Experts suggest that professional people should be concerned about the job market at any time and market development trends, not only to see today's needs, but also the development of situation assessment based on its status until tomorrow, and for persons who wish to accumulate new career competitiveness, change from passive for the initiative, once the environment changes, to respond freely to find a new growth point.

Experts point out that the "higher-income group", should be to master the key technology expertise, experience-rich generalist, not only acquire the relevant technologies and familiar rules of market economy and international talent compound. To become a workplace of "evergreen", need to fit the following three points: the skills, expertise, experience and job requirements of the fit; professional qualifications and the level of fit with job requirements; overall quality of fit with job requirements.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Third Eye training

Vocational training as a powerful means of promoting employment in recent years, the employment situation is not optimistic about the environment, more and be accepted by the public. Various training institutions in various training courses, basically covering all aspects of the employment involved. However, some of the learners in the choice of training institutions and courses, they often listen to advertising, other questions to remain "ignored." Then for learners, participation in vocational training which should be considered before the problem? Here we might work together to find out.

Do you really need self-awareness training?

The face of fiery vocational training, to follow suit and that many people were on. The reason, first, for fear of outside competition, lack of confidence on their own, that do not participate in vocational training to find a job; What is worrying about other people participated in the training but did not go to school themselves, did not lose out on the first one to raise my heart feel lose.

On this view, the author's view, although an increasing pressure on employment, but job seekers should first have confidence in themselves, absolutely do not think not to participate in vocational training to find jobs. Notes university graduates each year millions of people, including vocational training of fewer than one-tenth, more people go in search for employment is still the traditional channels. So no need to see more students to participate in a certain training, and he is unable to remain still flew to follow suit, this is not desirable.

Specific needs you want to achieve?

For this question, I randomly interviewed several friends, got almost exactly the answer: Ji Tong Guo vocational Pei Xun, Ji Gouneng various training programs to help foot their own Yifen Hao Gong Zuo. This undoubtedly reflects the current vocational training learners blindness.

Author student, also participated in a number of IT training classes, but never expected to find work through the training institutions. In fact, when the purpose of training is very simple: the case of the teacher to explain supplemented by practice, find the learning of a particular technology and understand future work in which knowledge may be the main point of use. Use of training opportunities at the same time, meet some like-minded friends, each other and exchange ideas and thoughts on the work, understand the difference between.

To conclude, I believe that training should be to focus on learning technology, learning methods, learning to be human above, and not simply assume that as long as the money to participate in a training with a certificate in the future will be able to find work, or through training agencies to help you recommending, this is very unrealistic. Even with training institutions to ensure you can find a job, but that a monthly salary of less than 1,000 yuan or less "work", would you like to do it?

Rational choice is the best fit

If you carefully observed the IT training courses, you will notice that there is such a class of relatively high end of the training: first, higher tuition fees, generally in the million or more; second most attractive thing, the purpose of such training Basically, for those who train engineers of large enterprises.

Who are interested in seeing this type of training, imagine, if it took more than 10 thousand dollars to buy a ticket into the enterprise IT names, why not? But have you ever thought of, whether it is right for you? You really can understand the teachers in the classroom talking about * content?

Best suited to their own, which is the author's views on high-end training. No diamond, do not embrace porcelain live. Do not expect high-end part in the training, you will have the "high" competitive. In fact the level of competitive employment is your mastery of job skills. There is no one-step shortcut, employment increased competitiveness, it must go through a transition from low to high process. Therefore, in the choice of training courses, do not blindly pursue high-end, and to choose the most suited to their level courses.

The pursuit of war is "know ourselves", the learners in the choice of training before, but also have an understanding of their own, the process of self-understanding, so as to get through the training to enhance their true.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PowerBuilder objects modified descendants

10.3 descendants of the object changes
Inherit the window is not our purpose ancestors. The purpose of using the inheritance feature is more similar to some common characteristics of the object defined in the ancestor of the object which then passed to future generations inherit the ancestor object access to these common characteristics of the object, after the completion of the work of succession, there is another important task is through modify these objects so that they were descendants of its own unique features to complete the task of future generations of the object itself.

Let's look at an example to illustrate how to implement such changes. First, open a window offspring. Now the window and the window is exactly the same ancestors. Figure 10-6.

Figure 10-6

Ancestors of the window function is to display the database among all the sports stars of the information, we want to modify future generations window, so that the data show only football star.

Select the static text object, right-click on it, pop-up menu, select PROPERTIES command, to modify the content of TEXT column as a "football star." We do not want to delete the button. Figure 10-7.

Figure 10-7

If you want to modify the properties have been ancestors of the window to reset the contents of the menu as long as the choice among the RESET PROPERTIES ED99v reset the Properties command on it. In the data window object we can modify the data window below the script, so that it has new features.

Figure 10-8

In the data window above the right-click, pop-up menu, choose the SCRIPT command, open the script work area, we have seen, when the content of the work area is empty. Figure 10-8.

Figure 10-9

Click SELECT EVENT event selection list box, select the events need to write the script. You can see a list of all events, a small icon on the left is the ancestor event script object which already exists. Figure 10-9.

Select CLICKED click event.

Figure 10-10

At this time, the work area which is still empty, if you want to show the ancestors of the script, you can select the DESIGN menu DISPLAY ANCESTOR SCRIPT show ancestor script command, which could pop up a dialog box, which shows the ancestors of the script, get some tips. Figure 10-10.

Close this dialog box. Scripts and future generations deal with the relationship between the ancestors of the script in two ways, one is overloaded ancestor script, that is to rewrite a script, so replace the ancestors of the corresponding script. For example, here we enter a script:







dw_1.Modify ("name.Width = 390")

dw_1.Modify ("age.Width = 140")

dw_1.Modify ("club.Width = 400")

dw_1.Modify ("nation.Width = 260")

dw_1.SetTransObject (SQLCA)

dw_1.RETRIEVE ()

DESIGN window and then choose among the ancestors of the script override OVERRIDE ANCESTOR SCRIPT command on it.

Another is the expansion of ancestral script, which means an increase in the ancestor script based on a script, so that the program is running, the first call to the ancestors of the script, and then the increase in the implementation of our script. If you want to use this approach, you need written script in the following menu choices DESIGN EXTEND ANCESTOR SCRIPT among the ancestors of the script command extension.

Among the POWER BUILDER, can have multi-level inheritance, that is a descendant of an object can have his father, grandfather, or a higher level ancestors. Objects in the script for future generations, we can call any ancestor object which has been written script. For example, call the parent object among CLICKED click event write the script, you can enter the following code like this.

CALL SUPER:: Clicked

Note that this time must be specified SUPER words. The call to a higher level when the ancestors of the script object must be marked ancestor's name, like this:

W_ANCESTOR:: Clicked

We can also call for the ancestors of future generations of objects which included a control object or the object of the event script, for example, the meaning of this script is called the ancestor of the object of a function:

W_ANCESTOR:: Fuction

Understand the content, you master the basic features of the POWER BUILDER inheritance.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Popped into the home appliance industry with high black horse

A very strange name, within two months of Union, bound Intel, buttoned IT channel, innovative Haier brand, make plain waves Dangqi PC field.

A very young face, like the challenge, full of passion, specializes in integration of resources, the capacity of both entrepreneurs and diplomats.

"I do not understand IT, but I believe that not every other interlaced reason!" January 18, in the Haier production base in Shenzhen, high to edge into eating breakfast chat with reporters, his face firm and decisive, able tone. He was excellent with a simple eloquence and a sense of surging passion, so he looked really different with the IT people.

Haier IT business after taking over, high to become too busy to have no time to the media, but his reputation is big up day by day, no way, he was in China in 2005, Wang PC that stirred the waves water too. He has always been with a man not very promising IT companies of the members of the Haier household appliances, to play fast battles the way, knocked the PC market rules of the game, others lament the PC days, when one day as a day, a 3-digit PC Haier growth rate of more than conquering a city, triumph, was HP, Lenovo, Founder, etc. "PC veterans" as is "darkest dark horse."

While in the IT field, high to become a new face, but in the field of home appliances, he had career in 12 years, territorial Road "heroes." This just in his early Haier 30-year-old Major-General, there are many stories behind it.

Resource Integration expert

As early as the word has not yet popular in the PK before the high to the operation of achievements is already a master of PK known as "PK" pilot.

In 1999, the high to become young, just promoted to general manager of Haier refrigerator sales. Haier household appliances at the time, is almost done, "the broken piece of red," but even worse then that, this "point" is the South. Because the forces of South China was too strong local brands, Haier has not only not make it go, and pushed out of sight should. Haier top in a hurry, though not much hope, but so desperate a struggle, so in a company-wide competitive selection, "South China general manager." No one thought that was high up the momentum to become brightly volunteered, marched in Guangzhou, close relations between people think he comes across as rude.

The high was just 28 years old to become, to Haier 5 years, but has jumped from a workshop technician with five as general manager of Haier's refrigerator sales. He is not too much afraid of the tiger, in his eyes, nothing is done to succeed.

But in Guangzhou, harsh facts or to the high order as to the one played rough. At various shopping malls in the appliance area, Haier, without exception, are squeezed in the corner, the least popular and most desolate is Haier counter, let alone what the consumers want to buy Haier, Haier is looking difficult to counter. "No, have to account for a good location!" So high as to become a major shopping centers, a way to run marketing, but the hot face to cold ass, then in Guangzhou Shopping in Guangzhou, the most powerful film department store Marketing Manager the high to the shoulder into, said: "Little high, we give you a location to be dry, we put in here are well-known brands can!"

Make life difficult for this first hurdle, to do nothing more to say ah. After many find out later, to become aware of the high, Guangzhou A mall is the boss of his fellow, so the name of his hometown to see the big boss got the chance. Polite pleasantries, the high to cut straight into the theme: "Haier would like you to do a mall treasure marketing activities." "That's good, we must support!"

Effective weapon to get hand, Haier began happily preparatory exhibition, In a sense, the success of the fairs determine the fate of the South China Haier. Made high in order to become aggressive, not only the fridge, all can find all Haier products are concentrated to the fairs on-site to let people see a comprehensive Guangzhou Haier; not only to brands, but also to shopping malls to see sales.

Goal is determined, to become its usual high "resource integration" way of thinking began to perform general director of his PK job. First, let PK up internal staff. High to become established than n times the usual daily sales - 100 units, and then apportioned to each employee sales targets, "each person must sell 5 sets, can not sell his own pocket to buy me back!" II PK external resources to make up. He understands that rival the competition in Guangzhou A mall is across the road, Guangzhou B malls, this relationship does not use white non-use. He sent the two major shopping centers were lobbying, "Haier fairs to sell products, the first to whom the sales invoice count."

Booth built up overnight, stores full of invisible competition, sales competition, two major shopping malls in the competition, the day, actually sold 109 units, but usually Haier A mall in Guangzhou, the largest circulation daily, but also 10 units. A high sales immediately to shopping malls and B Haier admiration. However, the high order as this do not think PK flavoursome, so he were sent congratulatory message to the two major shopping centers, the letter stated: On a day in an organized Haier Haier products on sale in the 109 units were sold products in your shopping sales officers fulfill their duties within the day to sell 59 (50) units, shopping centers we see strong competition in the market of your awareness to your shopping hereby congratulate the outstanding performance.

Read the congratulatory letter two shopping centers, not only eyeball was stunned and greatly the number 109, but also were fixed on the opponent's sales, a scramble Haier war inevitable. Haier in the South China finally made it.

Into the eyes of a high order, PK is the resource integration and resource utilization. In the application of modern business-oriented competition, unique offerings Tips, technical threshold and so is not necessarily the key to victory, but "resources" is indispensable. Thus, in 2006, Haier Computer plastered the slogan office is "to create a single resource person one", presumably in order to become more and understand the high content.


Haier, high to become a famous "Forever", the performance of the most "fierce", and that he took over in April 2005 Haier IT business at that moment.

One day in April 2005, sunny blossom. High to become the Beijing "business" After boarding the flight back to Qingdao, for the high to be so "night", the poor end of the mean per trip is completed, you can make good use of machine time to rest.

However, he did not think that is leaning back in his turn a blind eye repose on the occasion, Qingdao Haier Group, a conference room, four CEOs are sitting there waiting for him, his expression grave.

High to become the plane, he was notified back to Haier, Tuimenzoujin conference room, he had never felt solemn. Including four CEOs, including Zhang find a person talking, which is rare in Haier, in the end what happened? When a paper appointment book placed in front of him, high in order to become finally understand that the Group was to put his IT business for the business's current headquarters.

Beyond the four veterans expected that high to become not only did not hesitate to accept the organization, but also from Haier IT eloquent talk at length about the opportunities and strategies that should be taken. Several veterans fully prepared "ideological work" not a useless, high to become a speech 20 minutes later, the meeting ended.

In fact, not a reckless high to become the person, his heart took Haier computer know what it means. In the industry know that the road can be said of Haier PC twists and turns.

In 1998, Haier introduced its own brand computer to enter the PC market, but did not like the imagined experience quick success by home appliances.

End of 2003, Zhang said again to enter the IT, mobile computing, Haier set up headquarters listed. Also in 2004 and Taiwan Province of China OEM 鍘傚晢 Pou Chen Group, the sea into a joint venture set up IT Ltd, cut into production and overseas sales of computer and began to introduce Haier brand notebook computers, but in IT industry, Haier Computer no avail Duoda reputation.

In 2005, to a high order into the hands of Haier IT has a "three-palace", and this can be said to be allowed to enter into a forbidden failure. Is so high as to become happy to take over the IT business, first, because the leadership decided to do, "evading its difficult to do than figure out how to." Second, because of the high risk and challenge to become the most interesting thing "Other people see the difficulties, I see opportunities."

Intimate contact with Lai Yit Loong

Can be bundled with Intel's name, do not know how many PC makers dream of things, first joined the line of Haier to become Intel's new favorite, so that IT industry in high esteem.

Take over the IT business into a high-order lost 8 pounds in two months, the 8 kg consumed entirely mental.

Haier IT twists and turns to face the challenges of business, high to become weapons of war is still the "integration of resources."

"Haier to do PC, not do the product, but do the brand." Cheng said high to "make the brand" is the "integration of resources." "I study every day, four people, customers or users, the division of labor, employees and competitors, I would like to pondering these four people, how satisfied the first three groups of people, so that the fourth category of people nervous."

Upstream manufacturers Intel, Microsoft, was working on new areas of digital home, this is an excellent opportunity for Haier; and upstream cooperation Fang Baocheng Group cooperation has depth, Haier's products have been the world's leading brands Dell, Acer , Asus and other run in the same production line; and downstream marketing channels, Dazhong, Gome, Suning and other 3C store is Haier's old partner, but bainaohui other IT stores, as well as professional IT channel is Haier needed, vast. After this some sort of high to become the upstream manufacturers and downstream channels on the integration of resources listed in the emergency context.

What to impress the Intel? High to become the three major advantages summarized Haier: Haier in home appliances with an absolute leading position in the field, the brand to the people in more than 100 billion yuan of business size, have sufficient financial resources to support its rapid operation in the field of IT; Haier has globalization production base, improve research and development, manufacture, supply, sales and service system; Haier in China has 120 million fixed users, more than 10,000 sales outlets, more than 5,000 service outlets, more than 2,000 stores Haier is more important ... ... is that Haier's sales and service network reaching out to rural towns. Intel initiated the era of digital home, Intel PC's next target will be locked in 45 markets when the advantage of unparalleled Haier.

May 11, 2005, in Shandong working conference on information technology to promote the young and Lai Yit Loong high to become finally met. High to become walked up and had played several times a plan of "lines" in verse to say that listening to Lai Yit Loong, said rural areas in the market, Lai Yit Loong eyes take light, it is precisely the focus of Intel in 2005 to open up the market. They both immediately agreed to co-develop the rural market related products. This first meeting is a direct result of Haier and Intel teamed up to launch the famous computer for the rural market Jiajiale.

As for the first time a good talk, the second meeting on a matter of course, on June 8, Lai Yit Loong great interest in Haier New conference site. Was high, the two kept whispering Lai would later bosses with Hengchang Xie Tao-together, this time, Lai Yit Loong objectively help not only to become very busy high (with HCL's cooperation), but also with the high order into a clap Meet "after the collision at least once a month."

"Later, too busy, we do not really touch once a month, but the phone has been used to it." According to Intel's employees revealed that Lai Yit Loong on high to become the company's appreciation has gone beyond the level of cooperation. Therefore, the relationship between Haier and Intel, but also because of the high to become intimate with Lai Yit Loong's all the more close up.

Buttoned Hengchang

Hengchang buttoned high to become only a week, or more precisely 40 minutes.

Haier in the IT field "three palace", the first two channels are in the building came a cropper, this point is very high in order to become aware.

High to become a "IT person" after the rest day each week to the store to go to be wandering, the main aim is to "draft" - Behold, a dealer sold well, traced back to him tell your check, check Which part of his, and then one by one in the heart rate, locking your goals. This wandering in Beijing a few weeks later, he targeted the NEC's core agent Hengchang body.

High to become so PC, there is a "Heli Crane Group" theory. "Our eyes can not always stare at the second and third tier brands, with their ratio, Haier may feel good, stand out, but stand out a long time at best, still a leading chicken; we have to find ways to enter the crane group, only with crane crane together to find a real feeling. "Haier to become a crane, the starting point must be high. In product manufacturing, and Dell, Asus, Acer same production line; in the upstream support on a Intel, Microsoft core support partners; the service first-class deep rural networks; in the sales channel, it must be with those levels The first cooperation of distributors. There is no doubt the strength of the field in the channel Hengchang are "Crane Group".

Let Haier high to become a responsible official in Beijing and Hang Cheong contact, but Hengchang full story. By the end of May, from Haier released in 2005 for the first time a week to a new high to become the decision personally.

"I was not necessarily want Hengchang promise anything, I just want the idea of Haier, Haier's strength told Hengchang so Hengchang little more understanding of Haier. Of co-operation can also be friends Well!"

Having said so, but high in order to become the eloquence and diplomacy, or to the veterans Xie Tao spot Hengchang admiration, high to become the talk of the last shake of a burden: "I suggest not to do Haier Hengchang recent first, and then observed observations show the full strength until after Haier do. "Xie Tao, but was anxious," Haier will we do, and once we do that! "So, Hengchang vertical edge of the Dragon refresh overnight into a huge billboard Haier, the next they agreed on "the headquarters of the headquarters, and shop in the stores" model of cooperation. High to become the meeting with Xie Tao's total duration is 40 minutes.

"We won with a credit Intel with sincerity moved Hengchang." Higher order as concluded. Hengchang victory after the United States and Shanghai Cheng (Sony core network), Peng Yang (Asus core agent), and Guangzhou Eastern seas (ASUS Core Agent), Chengdu Jun Tao (Legend of total generation) and other leading IT distributors have extended an olive branch.

Standing on a hilltop

High to become that his work in the Haier 12 years and over the six hills, IT is facing him in the seventh hill.

The first hill is from the craft shop to the workshop director, the main task is to challenge the production limit. He will Haier refrigerator production line, production from 1,500 / day upgrade to 2400 units / day.

The second hill is to play the Minister of Haier refrigerators aftermarket business, the main task is to narrow the distance between Haier and clients, he made a name Haier's service.

The third hill is the marketing companies as Haier refrigerator Jilin branch manager, he spent 4 and a half months to sell Haier's refrigerators from the customer refused to do the local first;

The fourth hill is as general manager of Haier's refrigerator sales, faced the challenge of foreign enterprises, he will be the Chinese market, Haier refrigerator first;

The fifth mountain is to southern China, Haier deduction process reengineering, many years to achieve a long-cherished wish Haier - National country is red.

The sixth hill is the business stream in 2004 as headquarters of Haier Minister, to achieve 50% growth in business that year.

This mountain top IT and some other six different: Jumping the appliances, is Hill Hill outside.

High to become the first challenge is how to use existing appliances this time IT experience climbing over them. He has developed three of Wu Raiders: speed to win; channels subversion; scale of differentiation.

In 2005, the high to become the successful implementation of the three Raiders indeed, so rapid IT Attacking opponents by surprise; get Intel and Microsoft's favor, an increase of Haier's sturdy sense; IT support channels Haier also become full; differentiation Products (rural computer, Moisturizing Eye computers, digital home computer) the introduction, highlights of the Haier personality. Haier completed their brand image set.

To the end of 2005, Haier has made a major decision: the beginning from February 2006, Haier Group, the computer producers - Haier and Po into the sea as a joint venture (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. replenishment of 150 million yuan, get 51% of its absolute control, for the same time changed its name to "Haier computer", which indicates that Haier's determination to deep plowing of major IT industry.

Stand a step higher, high in order to see farther into. "Long March, we had just arrived in Yan'an, just live it."

High to become that, throughout 2005, the Haier IT is only in the integration of external resources to achieve the results, the next major task is to tap internal resources, "to target integration of resources allocated to each employee's body." It seems high to become a strategic or resources to win.

Humanities links: high to become A Proust Questionnaire

What is your ideal kind of happiness?

Happy in my mind is quiet experience acquired after waves.

What is your greatest fear?

Loss of "awe" of the heart, the so-called "fear."

Among those still alive do you most admire is who?

Ordinary man, extraordinary virtues, often moving.

Which features of your own you feel hate?

Too persistent.

What is your most hated features of others?


Do you think the most extravagant of?

With a lot a lot of time to do what no others have any value on things.

Love of your life what a person or thing?


What do you think of your own virtues are overrated?

If Haier Computer has made some achievements, first of all because of Haier brand, followed by our team, and finally myself, and media attention often the order reversed.

What you most like to have talent?

The strikes, and the courage and command set, if calm, cool perfectly rolled.

How your current state of mind?

Trepidation, treading on thin ice.

Do you think your greatest accomplishment?

I have not thought about himself and "great" the word linked.

You own the most significant features of that?


What is your motto?

Beyond their own to win again.

(Proust Questionnaire is a popular game in the French Salon, after "Remembrance of Things Past," Proust answers on the questionnaire fame)

Interview Notes: Dell, Haier and what is the difference?

Haier their never bring themselves compared with Dell, it touches me, to hear about Haier high to become the market come from behind in PC when, suddenly feeling associated with Dell.

High to become that Haier started in 1984 when the refrigerator, refrigerator brands are the market, Haier has to do with the market for 15 years, first; Haier air conditioning in 1993, so when the market is scheduled to air conditioning manufacturers ranked Haier used 10 years to achieve the market first; Haier washing machine in 1995, the time to do the market numerous washing machine brand Haier took five years to achieve a first in the country.

"We found that the more mature market, we break more easily." Higher order into that today, in the PC market, Haier to re-experience the fun of the past catch up, the goal is to make the country before the year 5.

This reminds me of the Dell. Dell products no matter what, will never intervene in the market early when, instead of to the market and the products are mature, will step in, that its "standard" rule, Dell believes that only standardized, Dell can make full use of its cost advantage quickly grab market share; Today, Haier is also in mature markets and products have been involved in PC market, Haier that only at this time, Haier powerful resource accumulation and financial strength to highlight, fast Attacking, come from behind is more easily achieved.

However, Haier and Dell What is the difference?

First of all, Haier is China, Dell was the United States, this is the most fundamental difference. Second, Haier is taking the store, the combination of 3C channel path, Dell is taking the direct sales, partners, IT professional sales supplement the road. Third, although globalization is the operation of all the money that is end, but far less than the size of Dell, Haier. However, we also see the characteristics of Haier. It is not paranoia on the technology, to take the "chain" model, from manufacturing to sales and service "all involved", which one of the few enterprises in China, PC, and Dell closer.

In fact, the simple comparison of the similarities and differences between Haier and Dell is not my intention, my intention is to weigh, the number of Haier in the end may be, to innovation for its own PC sales model, I am afraid this is the decision of whether in the IT industry, Haier key to success.


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